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You have stories to tell. We'll help you tell them.
Interpretive Planning


Don't be caught without a plan! All effective interpretation starts with a well thought out interpretive plan.


As experienced interpretive planners, we will help develop an interpretive plan for your programs, facility, entire site, or system of parks/sites. 




Interpretation is about making a difference. The right product should purposely connect the interests of your visitor with the meanings of a resource.


Our planning and project management skills combined with our network of designers and fabricators will ensure that your interpretive products are something worth talking about.



Interpretive writing should seemlessly connect people and places. The right words can stir emotion, inspire action, and protect resources.


With our knowledge of interpretive principles, we can craft inspiring text for your pamphlets, signs, exhibits, touchscreens, website, or app. 



As an interpretive supervisor, you know that your site’s programs should be evaluated, but you can’t do it all yourself.


We can conduct onsite evaluations and coaching of staff. Or, alternatively, you can send footage of programs to us for evaluation and suggestions. 



Meaningful interpretation requires knowledgable and skilled interpreters.


We have facilitated training for over 50 museums, parks, and interpretive sites. Let us inspire your staff with a training package specific to their needs.



Cal Martin, Frog in the Pocket's founder, has presented at workshops, conferences, and events nationally in Canada, as well as internationally.


Let him wow your audience with an inspiring presentation specific to your conference theme.


Your obvious enthusiasm for the profession of interpretation was contagious. Today’s activities have spawned new ideas for our programs.” 

Training Participant

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