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We are a small, hard-working interpretive consulting firm based near Ottawa, Canada. Established in 1996, we are dedicated to helping parks, sites, museums, nature centres, zoos, aquariums - and more - tell their stories in an inspiring way.
Cal Martin
Founder and Principal

Cal Martin lives and breathes interpretation. For over 25 years, he has connected people and places through interpretive programming, signage, and exhibits. Ranging from front line interpreter to manager, Cal has worked for Parks Canada, Manitoba Provincial Parks, the Vancouver Aquarium, Assiniboine Park Zoo, and MetroVancouver Regional Parks.


Thoroughly passionate about interpretation, he has presented at numerous national and international conferences, and delivered training to over 50 museums, parks, and sites. Cal has also published articles in Interpscan and Legacy magazines, and writes for the international interpretive blog Media Platypus.


Cal has been on the National Executive Board of Interpretation Canada since 2003, holding the positions of Chair, Past Chair, and Treasurer.

The Frog in the Pocket Story

For many people across North America, searching for frogs in a local stream is one of their earliest experiences with nature. Sometimes after scooping up a frog, a child would be so excited that he/she would put it in their pocket and run home to show their family.


We're called Frog in the Pocket because we seek to inspire the same sense of wonder, amazement, and excitement with the world as a child during those early experiences in nature.

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